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Episode #126: Don’t Believe The Lies! Moon Opposes Mercury And The Devil Card Reversed

Daily Horoscope for Monday, March 6, 2023

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Without further ado, here is the daily horoscope.

Good morning, friends!

Today is the last day of Saturn in Aquarius!  Saturn ingresses into Pisces tomorrow at 8:34 am ET and tomorrow is also a Full Moon in Virgo, which perfects just one hour before Saturn’s ingress at 7:40 am at 16 degrees of Virgo.  So, tomorrow is a BIG day, astrologically.  It’s like we’ve been feeling the swell of a wave and tomorrow it breaks the surface, to culminate on the 16th when the Sun, and Mercury square Mars and Venus squares Pluto and then the wave crashes as Pluto ingresses into Aquarius on the 23rd

Tomorrow I have Sun/rising sign horoscopes planned for all twelve signs about what Saturn in Pisces may be about for you in your chart, as well as my poem for the Full Moon Poetry Slam—if you’re interested in writing a poem with the poetry prompt that I posted on the New Moon in Pisces, click this link to go to the word list. If you’ve never participated in the Lunar Poetry Ritual, check out the post, “What Is The AstroMommy Monthly Lunar Poetry Ritual?” for details.

Also, just a housekeeping reminder, I won’t be posting on Wednesday and Thursday this week as those are two of my pre-scheduled days off for the month of March.

Okay, let’s get into… the astrology

Well, you know the Moon is in Virgo when you wake up wanting to clean and boy do I have the urge to clean!  But, I feel a bit crappy today.  Yesterday I started having stomach flu symptoms, not terrible, but noticeable and today I have a headache—again not debilitating, but present. 

You could imagine the chaotic state that my house is in after almost two weeks of kids being sick—yep, it’s a mess!  We’ve all managed to keep the dishes clean (thanks to my mom, the fairy dish mother *wink *wink) but there are dust bunnies everywhere, the homeschool room looks like I had a group of toddlers over to play instead of just one toddler, and my seven year old has been “crafting” at her desk since she got better. With minimal cleanup accomplished, there are paper and cardboard scraps all over the floor, roller skates, blankies, and puzzle pieces, just to name a few of the random items laying about.  Thankfully the only lego pieces I have seen so far, are in a nice little pile on the table instead of on the floor, like little land mines!  So, I have a huge desire to clean my house today, but realistically I don’t feel the energy is there to do so. 

And…I have a confession to make…there is a mouse in my house…and also a black snake in the basement!  It’s pretty obvious why they are both here.  Anyway, I set out a trap last night for the mouse and this morning, I found the trap clean of bait, but not tripped.  Darn!  So, I reloaded the trap, but this time with a sticky, gooey Junior Mint stuck on the bait area, so that mouse will have to work a bit to get it off, hopefully setting off the trap!  

So, this mouse, coupled with all the kid mess, really makes me want to clean!  I don’t even want to acknowledge the snake in the basement. Plus, it would be a good idea to just wipe everything down after being sick in general…hopefully, this headache and queasiness will subside and I will magically have the energy to power clean my house, but don’t make any bets!  I may just have to deal with the reality that it’s my turn to be ill-ish and take a rest for a few days.  It’s not like the cleaning won’t wait for me.  Also, my house is like a 24-hour Wal-Mart with a self-serve restaurant—it’s always open, you can make toast any time of day or night, it’s full of mostly cheap toys, and when you mop, you have to mop around people walking over and through where you just mopped!  It’s a high-traffic zone, my house. 

Okay, back to the astrology…

The Sun in Pisces this morning will form a sextile to Uranus in Taurus and this could be exciting!  The sextile aspect is of the nature of Venus and so it’s harmonious and brings something useful and opportunistic.  Maybe there’s a new habit you’ve been trying to implement and today you figure out a fun and inventive way to accomplish it.

By 11:32 am ET the Moon in Virgo opposes Mercury in Pisces. 

Mercury is the planet of what we think, say, and do with our minds and our hands.  Mercury also represents messages, communication, travel, and the environment.

Natally, Mercury in Pisces is a very artistic Mercury, where music and poetry speak louder than facts and information. Mercury is usually all about the details, the nitty gritty, and the data that he has collected, but in dreamy Pisces, it’s all about the symbolism, the colorful metaphor, and sentences without nouns!  Mercury is an impressionable artist in Pisces, and details, specifics, and original thought may be a little foggy here! Because of this natural artistic ability to express through imagery, people love to hear what Mercury in Pisces people have to say, even if it’s not with words.

As the messenger god who could travel between worlds, Mercury was said to govern magic and I am suddenly struck with the imagery of the faun in the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe who played the flute to lull Lucy Pevensie to sleep in order to hand her over to the White Witch.  So, as a transit, this could represent a bit of deception going on today.

The Moon governs our emotions, our bodies, and what makes us feel comfortable, and in Virgo, these are facts, lists, and reality, so today there could be a stand-off between something magical, fantastical, and unbelievable and something real, tangible, and right in front of your eyes.  There could be news today this makes us scratch our heads.

Let’s move on to the card for the day:

What is the guidance for today?

XV The Devil Reversed

On this card, the Devil is depicted as a black-horned goat head, with evil yellow eyes and shiny white tusks.  His twisted horns symbolize his power to lead and also misguide.  Above the Devil’s head is an inverted pentagram with a fly inside it.  Above that is a single burning candle representing his power to influence the individual.   Behind the Devil’s head is a red circle, representing power, aggression, and passion.  Below him is darkness and above him is a green ominous sky.

In the upright position, XV The Devil represents our shadow sides and whatever negative forces we may be dealing with that try to entrap us, enslave us, and derail us from the path of spiritual enlightenment.  It’s a focus on the material world, greed, lust, and perversion.  It represents control, corruption, and power through force.

In the reversed position, it can represent a rejection of materialistic wants and desires, fighting against coercion, corruption, and deception.  It can symbolize help from a higher source or guidance and rescue from a damaging situation.

As the guidance for the day, I feel this suggests being awake and aware instead of asleep and unconscious.  With the Moon opposing Mercury today, there could be information that comes out that our rational minds question and reject.  Simply put, this card reversed could mean, “Don’t believe the lies.”

Let me know if this reading resonates with you, in the comments! 

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Until tomorrow,


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