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Episode #135: The Eye Of The Hurricane--Mercury Cazimi, Venus Sextile Saturn, And The Black Moon Lilith Card

Episode #135: The Eye Of The Hurricane--Mercury Cazimi, Venus Sextile Saturn, And The Black Moon Lilith Card

Daily Horoscope for Friday, March 17, 2023

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Without further ado, here is the daily horoscope.

Good morning, friends!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Okay, let’s get into…the astrology

The fog is so thick this morning, that it reminded me of this poem:


By Carl Sandburg

The fog comes

on little cat feet.

It sits looking

over harbor and city

on silent haunches

and then moves on.

One of the descriptions for Neptune is “fog,” and it seems so relative given the stellium in Pisces that went exact yesterday and also, the Mercury cazimi moment that began. I wanted to share with you all the downloads that I got yesterday afternoon, just after this transit began.

I was watching one of my favorite shows, The HighWire, and they had a quick spotlight piece titled, “HOW INTELLIGENT IS ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE?” and one of the speakers was a Senator talking about A.I. and I thought, “This is it!  This is the clarity from the Mercury Cazimi! This is view above the maze!” If you’re curious, here is a link to the clip below.  Pay attention to what Senator Johnson says at 4:45 about A.I.:


With Pluto about to ingress into Aquarius, I feel that this message about A.I. is very relevant, timely, and ominous.

While I was watching the full episode of The Highwire yesterday I couldn’t help but notice all of the astrological symbolism and archetypal language that the reporters used in the show!  It was like watching the Sun, Neptune, and Mercury all speak to me!  The show even brought in the archetypes of Venus square Pluto, first with the name of their show, “Dark Secrets,” and with the end segment being all about illuminating some of the darkest and most corrupt secrets that we face today around human sex trafficking, featuring an interview with Sean Stone!  Very Venus/Pluto.  And their thumbnail was even an image of a puppeteer, something I spoke about yesterday! If you enjoy watching the archetypes speak, I highly recommend this episode, but it’s not for the faint of heart.

Mercury Cazimi in Pisces. Chart generated using Solar Fire.

So, today Mercury and the Sun have perfected their conjunction this morning at 26° Pisces 35’, as you can see in the chart above.  At the time that I am writing this, Mercury has only moved 1’ of arc ahead of the Sun and he won’t hit 17’ of arc away until 9:43 am ET.  According to the late Renaissance astrologer, Willian Lilly, a planet is “cazimi” when it is within 17’ of arc before or after the Sun1.

The cazimi period is a time of great power, insight, and regality.  Mercury is on the lap of the King for a moment and enjoys having full power to say what he needs to, deliver the messages he means to, and enjoy the clarity of thought and a calm environment.

When a planet is combust2 the Sun, meaning that it is within 8 ½ degrees before or after the Sun (minus the 17’ of arc when it is Cazimi, of course) it is said to be burned up, unseen by the rays of the Sun, and unable to exert it’s influence.  We can’t see a planet that is so close to the Sun because the light of the Sun obviously blocks all planets from our view during the day.  The only celestial body that we can sometimes see during the day is the Moon. 

So, being combust, especially conjunct Neptune at the same time, god of the sea, is like being in a hurricane where you can’t see anything because of the torrential rain and then all of the sudden it’s calm, clear, and very quiet—this is the cazimi moment—the eye of the hurricane.  At this moment you can gain great insights, experience perfect clarity, and impeccable understanding.  Then the storm moves back over you and once again it’s confusing, disorienting, and chaotic.  But, I urge you to write it down, whatever insights you’ve experienced in the last day or this morning—write them down so you don’t forget!

Photo by NASA on Unsplash.

The Moon today will finish her time in Capricorn by conjoining Pluto at 29° 52’ and then ingress into the sign of Aquarius.

Moon conjunct Pluto could bring up deep, disturbing truths about your environment, your feelings, or your circumstances and with the Capricorn Moon energy, we could feel very business-like about them all and just put our heads down and keep on keeping on, or the sardonic nature of Capricorn could come out and pay us a visit, riling up our emotions with its dark wit.

The Moon makes her ingress into Aquarius at 10:24 am ET and after this time we may feel detached emotionally.  The Moon in Aquarius is a humanitarian at heart and so we may feel eager to connect with others that are in alignment with our values and goals or we may feel like working on solving some problem that may benefit the group.  The information that we glean from the Mercury cazimi moment may play into this and we may feel a sort of indifference to it or be inspired by it to secure some provisions.

Once in Aquarius, the Moon will square Venus now in Taurus and this will be a moment when our values and what we hold dear are tested by what we now know.  It’s like whatever information you learned over the last 24 hours is challenging your comfort and security. 

Then the Moon squares the North and South Nodes and this is a moment when decisions are made to build upon what we know is the truth. It could be a turning point in the play, so to speak. 

By this evening we could all feel a little bit more secure because Venus in Taurus forms a sextile to Saturn in Pisces and amazingly, this aspect to Saturn is one that could be supportive and constructive.  There’s an opportunity here to understand our values and become loyal to them, acting on good judgment, and making sound business decisions.

I would love to know if you experienced any Mercury cazimi moments of great clarity and insight, so please leave a comment!

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Let’s move on to the card for the day:

What is the guidance for today?

12 Black Moon Lilith—Mystery

You feel something stalking in the dark.  You feel like you know something is going to happen, but you don’t know what because you don’t have all the facts.  But you know.  This is the pause, the rest before the next action, and you can sense with your sharp Lilith-like senses that something is coming, a transformation is happening, something unplanned and life-changing.  You’re on edge because you don’t know if it’s going to be good or bad.  You just know it’s there in the darkness.

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I hope this is helpful!

Until tomorrow,


Thank you for reading or listening to the daily horoscope!

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Lilly, William. “Christian Astrology by William Lilly .” Second edition, published 1659. Internet Archive, 30 Oct. 2008, (Page 69-71 in the archive, pages 113-114 of Lilly’s original text)


A planet is combust when it is within 8°30’ of the Sun, again, according to William Lilly.

Lilly, William. “Christian Astrology by William Lilly .” Second edition, published 1659. Internet Archive, 30 Oct. 2008, (Page 69-70 in the archive, page 113 of Lilly’s original text)

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