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Episode #268: The Swell of the Wave—First Quarter Moon in Gemini and the Sun Conjoins Neptune

Episode #268: The Swell of the Wave—First Quarter Moon in Gemini and the Sun Conjoins Neptune

Weekly Forecast for Tuesday, March 12, 2024, through Monday, March 18, 2024.

Show Notes:       

Here are the timestamps for the weekly forecast:

0:00 intro

0:39 title and date

0:52 Good morning, friends!  

2:03 weekly overview

3:22 First Quarter Moon in Gemini

6:18 Sun conjoins Neptune

9:39 Tarot Spread

14:29 In conclusion

15:13 End Remarks        


You’re reading or listening to the AstroMommy Weekly horoscope, a forecast that hopes to shine a light in the dark, helping us all see where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re going.  Whether you’re a first-time listener or a long-time subscriber, thanks for being here! I truly appreciate you being in the AstroMommy community. I hope you enjoy this week’s horoscopes and card reading.

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Without further ado, here is the weekly horoscope.

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Good morning, friends!

I hope last week was awesome for you! We had a nice time visiting with family and something I am excited about that happened last week was that I learned how to knit (two of the basic stitches, anyway) and now I am dreaming about knitting!

My family visit has sadly come to an end, but I am excited about getting back to our academic studies in homeschool. We spent the last few weeks working on a Crystal/Geology Unit Study with a lot of arts and crafts and a field trip to the museum for a Fossil Fair, which was really fun!

I am also extremely excited for Aries season which is about to begin next week and with that spring! I love spring and I love Aries season! I am especially happy that all the planets are direct right now and that means that the next couple of weeks, before Mercury’s retrograde which will begin on April 1st, may hold a lot of action and events that will affect the whole year. Mercury will enter his shadow period on March 18, 2024, next week, but let’s not let that get us down or stop all the pioneering momentum! It is something to be aware of though…and since Mercury is stationing retrograde in Aries, it is possible that whatever actions we take over the next couple of weeks will require some do-overs and re-dos, so just keep that in mind as you are charging forth.

Okay, let’s get into… the astrology

 (All times are in Eastern Time (ET) unless mentioned otherwise)

The Weekly Overview

This week we start with Venus’s ingress into Pisces which happened yesterday.  You can read about Venus in Pisces in last week’s Weekly forecast here or Monday’s daily check-in here, including rising sign horoscopes for all to enjoy!

Coming up later in the week is the First Quarter Moon in Gemini on Sunday, March 17, 2024, St. Patrick’s Day, accompanied by the Sun meeting up with Neptune on the same day.  Those are the two most important transits of this week and the Sun conjoining Neptune is a pretty big annual event. 

Next week the Sun will ingress into Aries marking the Spring Equinox and that is a pretty big deal for the year, so next week we will be taking a look at the Aries Ingress chart.  The Aries Ingress Chart is an annual chart cast for the moment the Sun ingresses into Aries in a given country and shows a forecast for that country for that upcoming year.  We will be looking at the Aries ingress chart for the United States cast for the capital of the nation, Washington, D.C. 

But this week, we are primarily concerned with the upcoming Sun and Neptune conjunction which we may start to feel at the beginning of the week. 

First, we will talk about the First Quarter Moon and then we’ll talk about the Sun and Neptune coming together.

Okay, here we go…

First Quarter Moon in Gemini

The First Quarter Moon will be at 27°Gemini 03’ at 12:10 am ET on Sunday, March 17, 2024. You can see the Moon in Gemini on the right-hand side of the chart above at about the 1 o’clock position.  The Sun is on the lower right of the chart at about 4 o’clock. 

With the Moon in Gemini in the inferior position to the Sun in Pisces, this could create a lot of strategic thinking that empowers the Moon to break away from the dreamy, sticky Piscean energy that is content fantasizing in the fog of illusion. 

This chart feels to me like a strong cup of coffee reviving someone who has spent the night drinking! 

Whatever seeds you planted with the New Moon in Pisces, now it is time for the next step.  You could be feeling like you are waking up from a dream and now you have to take a shower and get ready for the day.  There may be lots of activities on your to-do list and the partying you did over the last week is over and it’s time to get to it!

The moon in Gemini likes to collect data, figure out puzzles, and look at things through analytical glasses.  It’s a very expressive, youthful, and restless Moon, with a great desire to communicate and that doesn’t always mean pleasant conversations, but rather intelligent, curious, and sometimes argumentative ones!  There’s a flexibility, changeability, and sort of chaotic nature to Gemini in general that can be very uncomfortable for some.  Where others may see a random mess that just looks like craziness, a Gemini person can see patterns and order in the chaos that no one else can see! It’s one of their superpowers!

Here are some questions to ask yourself during this lunar phase:

What are you taking action toward today?  What are you thinking about?  What are you strategizing? What information have you gathered that you are now ready to present? Who or what are you curious about?

Briefly, below you will find the house that this First Quarter Moon is occurring in according to your rising sign.  Find your rising and read the house topics associated with this First Quarter Moon.  You may notice action, movement, strengthening and strategizing, or an event involving one or more of those topics taking place.

Aries — third house of siblings, communication, and local travel.

Taurus — second house of money and possessions.

Gemini — first house of self, health, and character.

Cancer — twelfth house of blind spots, large animals, hidden enemies, and mental health.

Leo — eleventh house of friends, allies, groups, and wishes.

Virgo — tenth house of career, praxis, and the mother.

Libra — ninth house of foreign travel, higher education, and beliefs.

Scorpio — eighth house of shared resources, inheritance, debt, and death.

Sagittarius — seventh house of marriage, partnerships, and legal matters.

Capricorn — sixth house of stress, health issues, employees or co-workers, and pets.

Aquarius — fifth house of pregnancy, children, creativity, and recreational activities.

Pisces — fourth house of family, roots, and property. 

I wish you all a Happy First Quarter Moon!

Sun Conjunct Neptune in Pisces

Later on Sunday, March 17, 2024, at 7:22 am ET, the Sun will conjoin Neptune.

You can see the Sun and Neptune together on the left side of the chart at about the 8 o’clock position, just having risen over the horizon (the Ascendant).  A boatload of planets rise with the Sun: Mars, Venus, Saturn, and of course, Neptune (although we cannot see Neptune with the naked eye, but if we could, we wouldn’t be able to because of him being conjoined the Sun anyway).  All of these planets rising with the Sun represent that so many things in our personal lives are rising to the top and becoming priorities right now.  It’s as if our drives and desires, relationships and values, boundaries and limitations are all coming into view and needing attention.

The Sun is the giver of life, the “noetic light,” and the King of our solar system.  He represents vitality, spirit, honor, the father in a day chart, and major illumination.  The Sun enlivens, shines a light on, and strengthens, but also may block out the light of other planets when they are too close to his mighty rays, which all but Mars are right now1.  The Sun is hot, dry, and choleric, and we can both be warmed by his light and also dried out and exhausted by too much.  The Sun’s energy is that of a leader, with courage, self-esteem, and incredible influence, which is why it often signifies Presidents, Kings, and Queens.

When the Sun is involved in a transit we can expect situations involving people of high authority or prestige in our lives to be illuminated.

Neptune signifies positive things like spirituality, intuition, dreams, and imagination and can also represent negative things like confusion, mental fog, feeling lost, dishonesty, and fraud. 

When the Sun conjoins Neptune it is the end of a synodic cycle and the beginning of the next synodic cycle between the two, so in that sense, it is like the death and rebirth of Neptune and therefore it is symbolically the death of a dream, an intuition, or something we were imagining and the rebirth of a dream, an intuition, or an imagining.  Likewise, it could be the dissolving of a spiritual ideal and the re-emerging of a spiritual ideal that feels like a renewal. 

Something dishonest could be found out, illuminated, brought to our attention, and then resolved. 

Transits to Neptune are like working with the tide of the ocean, things come in and things go out.  Waves may swell deep in the subconscious and when they meet the shore of our conscious minds they may dissolve realities or wash away items that didn’t have a strong foundational hold on the beach. 

We may hear about people in leadership positions losing those positions or passing away with the Sun conjoined Neptune.  Plotlines and storylines may go through a transition or a spiritual change.  We may have profound insights or dreams.  We may get lost momentarily in the sound of the ocean waves crashing on the shore and pulling away back into the whole.  We may drift.

Since the Sun represents vitality and Neptune dissolves and diffuses light there could be illness or a loss of strength during this time, especially for those whose natal Sun is affected by this transit.

On a positive note, this transit may bring profound insights, mystical or musical experiences, or a greater sense of compassion for others. 

I would love to hear your thoughts about this transit!

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Okay, moving on to…

The Tarot Spread

Let’s move on to a 3-card spread for the week that will represent You, the relationship, and Your Partner.

Please pick who this spread will be about before reading or listening to the reading. 

The first card representing You is:

Ace of Pentacles—reversed

On this card we see a pentacle coming out of a cloud above the ocean.  Below the pentacle is a boat on the water its sails blowing in the wind.  Above the pentacle is a row of upside-down houses.

In the upright position the Ace of Pentacles means that there are profitable opportunities available for you and the winds of change may be pushing your boat in a new direction. 

In the reversed position, the Ace of Pentacles means that you may be feeling hesitant about a potential new opportunity.  It is important to trust your intuition here and not make any decisions until this hesitancy is fully explored.

Another meaning could be that a particular financial or material offering may not come through as expected and so you’ll want to wait until you actually have the money in hand before you spend it, kind of thing.

This card coming up reversed could also indicate a loss of something material like wealth, possessions, or personal property. 

In terms of a relationship, this card coming up reversed indicates that you may be focusing more on your finances than the relationship right now, or perhaps you want to give an expensive gift to your partner that will reduce your finances temporarily.  Since Aces represent news in the tarot, this could indicate telling your partner that you don’t have the money for something or finding out that they don’t have the money.  Either way, it may be concerning financial news about expenditures that affect your relationship.

The second card representing the relationship is:

Page of Pentacles—Reversed

On this card, we see a Page, holding a pentacle, walking on the field in front of a couple of houses.

In the upright position, The Page of Pentacles represents taking on new responsibilities in your life in matters like money, home, and anything that is tangible. 

In the reversed position this card may indicate that there is little progress right now in terms of finances with your partner; perhaps there is a past failure that is creating procrastination. 

So, the first two cards in this reading are pentacles…this relationship that you are thinking of has a lot to do with money and how you share resources, expenditures, and budgets with this person. 

And the third card representing Your partner is:

Four of Cups

On this card, we see four goblets.

The Four of Cups in the upright position means that your partner feels that they have an abundance of something, either love, opportunities, or good times, but they are full and turning things away.

In the traditional Rider-Waite tarot, the Four of Cups shows a man sitting beneath a tree, looking at three full cups in front of him; he is so bored that he doesn’t even notice the hand appearing out of thin air trying to hand him a fourth cup!  It’s like he’s so lost in thought or something, that he doesn’t see the magic or the abundance, right before him!  His arms are crossed, symbolizing that he is not happy about whatever he is thinking or feeling.

This card represents that your partner is feeling discontent.  They are not lacking in emotions, for the cups are all full and upright, but they may be disappointed with what they have right now and feel emotional about it.

To Recap:

Okay, so you may be experiencing a financial loss or a drain on your finances and this is affecting your relationship with your partner.

The relationship itself is in a period of stagnancy, especially financially. 

Your partner is feeling disappointed with what they have to offer the situation and frankly, they are bored with this problem. 

Let’s pick one more card representing a tool that you and your partner can use to move this energy forward:

XVII The Star

On this card, we see a naked woman, kneeling on the grass beside a stream.  She is holding a water jug in each hand and is simultaneously pouring water on the earth and into the stream. 

The Star card is about having hope, keeping the faith, and having a spiritual renewal and purpose. It’s about picking yourself back up after a period of upheaval, mishap, or disruption.  The Star card is about making and receiving a wish. This card represents inspiration, insight, and understanding.  Feeling mentally and physically healthy and being open to a new life, ideas, or concepts.  The bright star above represents divine guidance.

This is a wonderful tool card and represents having faith in yourself that you can make different choices that will benefit your life.  It’s about having confidence in your abilities and trusting yourself.  Since this is a relationship spread, I feel that this card also means to trust and have faith in your partner’s abilities.  Things may feel rough and uncertain right now, but they won’t always be that way.  Have faith in the relationship that all will work out well. 

Now, if you are in a less-than-desirable situation this reading could be indicating that things are not going to change until you remove yourself from the situation and embrace taking care of yourself and being self-sufficient.  Only you know which situation pertains to your life. 

In conclusion for the weekly forecast…

There could be a lot of forward-moving energy this week as the Moon is waxing and gaining light and making aspects to all the planets.  We could feel the momentum building as the Sun gets closer and closer to Neptune and then his eventual ingress into Aries, marking the beginning of spring!  The air may start to change and the earth will respond with flowers and birds and warm breezes, followed by periods of cold and possibly late frosts—we are still in transition this week.  Spring is in the air and all the planets are direct and those are great things!  We may feel a wave swelling deep within us that will crash upon the shore of our consciousness in the future, but this week, we feel the swell, the potential energy percolating inside. 

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I wish you all a great week!

I hope this is helpful!

Until tomorrow,


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