I love your poem. It’s so rich! I wrote mine right after you sent out the prompt. Here you go:

The stale gives way to the fresh.

“Hope springs eternal”

is how the saying goes.

And while it may sound cliche,

it is true to life.

But we are skeptical,

and rightly so.

You can hear things

over and over

until they lose their meaning,

like how eggs on Easter

symbolize new life,

the resurrection of Christ.

It feels lazy to repeat,

to parrot

what has been so removed

from the spark of inspiration.

And sometimes we never

were in touch with the source

to begin with,

so that when the words

first hit our ears

they rang

hollow and empty,

with zero virtues

aside from being pretty.

We have to learn what made

them special,

what made them resonate

in the first place.

“Love can conquer everything.”

“The good will always win.”

And these can seem

like pleasant lies

meant to soothe

and comfort.

But if we are daring

and choose to live

the meaning behind the message,

we see the truth, as if

gifted from the Goddess.

Whether you learn through experience,

sensuality, or logical demonstration,

when you dig and dig and dig,

year after year after year,

you come to understand the veracity

of the old axioms,

which are no longer

idle things meant to lull,

but we come to find

our patient reward:


from our old


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